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Expats and locals jostle side-by-side in Holland V

Hi, welcome to Holland Village Singapore – and to Singapore’s “Bohemian” enclave (or as the locals endearingly refer to as “Holland V”).

We are pretty sure that after you come to know her history, culture and many allures, she will have a hold on you as it had on so many over the decades.

This web site captures the hidden treasures, cosmopolitan culture and magic of this wonderful village. It also provides visitors with detailed information on dining & wining, selective shopping, relaxing or just hanging out with your partner or buddies.

We’d like you to think that this is the most comprehensive, most up-to-date and most accurate web site about Singapore’s Holland Village. So, allow us to tell you more about her..


Embracing those come into her opened arms 

A place for the young and old

You might have heard that this is a charming and cozy expatriate refuge – tucked away behind the national Botanic Gardens and surrounded by the island’s most exclusive abodes, universities and science parks. Yes, you heard right.

Aside from this, Holland V is not what it is without its diversity, and her unique ability to make every visitor, young or old, feels comfortable. This is why it continues to attract foreigners and locals, who arrive in the village to stay or to seek recreational pleasures, making her streets the most cosmopolitan and colorful in Singapore (see Holland District Properties if you intend to live here).

No matter which part of the world you come from, her charm will make you feel at home right away..


Nothing less than an international village 

Catching up with the family after 5

The presence of students from the surrounding international schools and universities in its coffee clubs and eateries has given the place a youthful trait to its personality too.

But notwithstanding, it is the place where the wives of middle-class homes from the surrounding estates make their grocery purchases and run their errands and catch a breath or two in its coffee lounges.

It is also the place where executives from the nearby science & biotech parks and tertiary education centres head after their daily grind.


A casual and friendly personality

Quality time with family at Harry’s

Holland Village is not pretentious as it tend to suggests itself to outsiders – or as some commentators attempt to portray her.  After all, Bohemian is akin to free-spirited-ness.

Locals are well aware of a recent incident (2010) where two Swiss-based scholars taunted the authority by walking stark naked down Lorong Mambong.

But mostly, the place actually is quite cordial as expatriates and locals jostle politely side-by-side in car parks, supermarkets, banks, pubs and coffee clubs.


Old and new

Lim’s Art & Living

As you walk around the village, you will sense its colonial ambience from its old shop houses and residential buildings. You will also notice street cobblers displaying their array of mended Ferragamos and Ballys while an old shop house nearby provides passerbys with a spectacular sight with its cluster of colourful Chinese lanterns hanging from the shop’s ceiling during the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

On the other hand, one might see Caucasian ladies in sun dresses with toddlers strolling down the streets and trendy youths packing the coffee clubs.

On weekends, you might even catch a glimpse of a troupe of Harley riders roaring down Lorong Mambong (literally translated, lorong means “road” and mambong means “zenith”). A typical Sunday afternoon will see expatriate families line both sides of the street enjoying a couple of ice cold beers while their kids dash down the slope of Lorong Mambong on their pedal scooters.

Once in a while, you might witness a Bentley parked in front of NYDC as a drenched cyclist sits in front of Wala Wala enjoying his Erdinger after a grueling routine.

And of course, you will see many young couples just looking for a little corner to chill out.


Bohemian and culinary reputation

Chilling out with buddies at Wala Wala

Holland V is not merely an expatriate enclave with her renowned art studios, frame makers, cobblers, famous restaurants and beer joints. In fact, the village exudes a rich, distinctive and yet complex flavor, which is not only evident in its Dutch “ancestry” and English colonial architecture, as already mentioned – but also evident in her glorious culinary reputation, arty shops and a casual “hang loose” atmosphere. Over the years, all these skewed her toward a “Bohemian” character.


For Visitors

Entrance to Jalan Merah Saga and Chip Bee Gardens

We wouldn’t want to spoil your adventure by telling you too much, so we will leave it to you to explore. So, included on this web site are a number of resources to help you navigate and take advantage of the best the village has to offer.

You will find maps and a list of essential services such as banks, postal service, 24-hour clinics, dentists, pharmacies, etc and  The Complete Directory of Holland Village Establishments.

We do hope you will have a wonderful and memorable encounter with her.

Once again, we welcome you to Holland Village Singapore.

For special deals and answers to your questions, please post them at our Holland-Village-Singapore Facebook Page. If you are wondering what it’s like to live here, check it out on our property commentary here.

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