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 Richco Fashion House

The entrepreneur who delivers

Patricia, delivering what others couldn’t

Patricia Ong, the soft-spoken owner of Richco Fashion House, has been running her business in Holland Road Shopping Centre for 30 years.

An entrepreneur at heart, Patricia found the idea of a sales career much to her liking and spent her earlier years working and saving to open her own boutique.

With the help of her parents (and her shrewd business acumen), she bought her first shop and began her dressmaking debut. Today, she runs Richco on another premise in Holland Road Shopping Centre and still owns the earlier premise.

As the name suggests, Richco started off as dressmaking and fashion business.

Not just fashion but uniforms

Unisex vests made from ikat (an Indonesian dyeing technique) prints

Uniforms and dresses displayed side-by-side

But like many other dressmakers in the centre, Patricia found her customers asking for merchandise and services beyond her original offerings.

In the case of Richco, its customers required school uniforms for their children, which could not be found elsewhere in Singapore.

Official uniform supplier of Dover Court Preparatory School

So, Patricia, in the spirit of true entrepreneurship, began tailoring these uniforms from scratch – much to the satisfaction and delight of her customers.

Overnight, through word-of-mouth, the expatriate community came to know of her unique service. And so began a new service and a new customer group.

However, Patricia hasn’t lost sight of what her customers originally wanted, so she continues to carry a unique range of elegant dresses, gowns, blouses and vests for formal occasions and functions.

Today, Patricia serves both her long-time customers and new customers with a range of  ready-made wear, and tailoring and alteration services.

Patricia prides her personalized service, eagerness to satisfy, reasonable prices, unique offerings and good client-relationships for her popularity among the expatriate community.


Richco Fashion House

211 Holland Avenue
Holland Road Shopping Centre
Singapore 278967
Tel:6468 2397

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