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Pilates Body Pilot

Piloting your body to health

Chris Chua, steering Pilates Body Pilot to its 11th year in business

Christopher Chua was born into a sports and health-conscious family long before he owns Pilates Body Pilot – his current pilates’ outfit in Holland Village’s Chip Bee Gardens.

His father, who was a body-builder, often reminded him of what it means to be healthy. He said, “I was brought up being constantly reminded of how to keep my body healthy with the right diet and exercises. My dad had a great influence on what I am doing now.”

Christopher graduated with a Business Administration degree and spent the first 7 years after graduation working for a bank. As his interest in fitness and health grew, Christopher spent more and more time in the gym, where he was a regular member.  Seeing his passion for fitness, he was offered an opportunity to become an assistant trainer by the owner of the fast-expanding gym. Christopher immediately resigned from his bank job and took up the opportunity with great excitement. This was in 1999.

Christopher knew that in order to master this new profession he had to learn all he could about fitness and health. He said, “With the guidance of this established gym, I was initially certified as a trainer but I could see that many clients who came into the gym had other health issues to resolve. These clients did not come for sports conditioning or general workouts but they came seeking weight loss and rehabilitation programmes. I quickly realized that what we were offering did not meet these needs. So, I decided to skew my own learning beyond exercise regimes and include the nutritional and post-rehabilitative aspects. I also realized that people who were attempting to achieve certain health-related goals require motivation and a certain mental attitude, so I knew I had to come up with a holistic approach encompassing mental, physical and spiritual health. Of course, this also meant I was preparing for my own unique set of offerings in the market place.”

So, over the years which followed, Christopher enrolled in a series of internationally accredited and globally-recognized certification programmes and courses. He says, “You don’t just take a 3-day course on rehab work and proclaimed you can do rehab work. There must be examinations, internship hours, assisting teaching assignments and a senior trainer sign-off. This is serious matter because you can’t afford to injure someone, so you won’t get certified unless you have achieved 90% competency, which is equaled to 90% of the examination marks. With experience, you will be able to tell subtle signs from different body types and this can help you plan the best regimens for your clients.”

The leading name in Pilates training

You will not fail to see his qualifications pinned to his studio wall – just to make sure that his clients know what he is talking about. He continues, “We partner with osteopaths who send their patients here for regular treatment but our clientele comes from everywhere across the island. Some come here because they have injured themselves exercising and require professional corrective work.”

Chris’ Qualifications

  • Bachelor in Business Administration – Thames Valley University, London
  • Graduate Diploma of Exercise & Nutrition Science – University of Liverpool, Chester College
  • Polestar Pilates Certified
  • C.H.E.K Institute – Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Level 3
  • C.H.E.K Institute – Golf-Biomechanic
  • Institute of Sports Science Association (ISSA) – Fitness Trainer
  • Reebok Alliance – Professional Health & Fitness Diploma
  • Australian Grad School of Health & Sport Science – Bodyblade Group & Personal Training & Mediball Pro Integrated Corrective Exercise
  • Body Check Inc Canada – WaterArt Fundamental Instructor Program
  • CMS Kickboxercise Australia – Aerobic Kickboxing Instructor’s Course
  • Yogafit & Swasta Yoga Certified Instructor
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Singapore Sports Council – Basic Sports Massage
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Simple Emotional Technique (SET)

    A typical session at Pilates Body Pilot

Christopher’s insight into Clients’ needs, his passion for his work and the knowledge he had gained over the past 10 years have resulted in what Pilates Body Pilot offers today. He proudly says, “We have been here (Holland Village) for more than 10 years. We opened in Chip Bee in 2000.” His Japanese wife, Ai Yoda, who is part of his team at Pilates Body Pilot, chipped in, “Yes, we opened here in 2002, not 2000. 10 years ago is correct. And we recently opened a new Pilates Body Pilot branch at Biopolis.”

Currently Pilates Body Pilot concentrates on specific types of regimens with forte in the following:

i)                 Rehabilitative exercises

ii)                Sports conditioning

iii)               Holistic wellness

Focusing on rehabilitative work

Christopher, who appears slim, fit and well-toned, and who looks every bit of what he preaches, continues, “We conduct small groups, with a maximum of 8 persons. We have group sessions as well as private one-to-one sessions. For those who have no experience using our equipment, we will have two private sessions before they join the group sessions. We have to make sure that they know how to use the equipment before they join the group. We use the best equipment and we offer professional advice and personalized attention to everyone. And our rates are reasonable.”

Sports conditioning remains a major segment for Pilates Body Pilot

So, if you need help in piloting yourself to good health, just check into Pilates Body Pilot. It seems that you won’t be disappointed judging from the testimonials you see on his web site.

You can find out more about Chris and his method at the web address below.

Corporate enquiries are welcomed too.

Pilates Body Pilot
43 Jalan Merah Saga
Singapore 278115
Tel: (65) 6478 9747
Tel: (65) 8163 8577
Email: info@pilatesbodypilot.com
Web site: http://www.pilatesbodypilot.com/

Opening Hours
7.30am to 9.30pm (Mon to Fri)

8am to 4pm (Sat)
9am to 12nn (appt only)

Biopolis Branch

11 Biopolis Way
Helios #01-04/05
Singapore 138667

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