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New Kim

Alice in her wonderland of clothes

Alice, serving Holland V customers since her childhood days

Traditional Chinese outfits for kids

Need some imagination to spruce up your party?

Thinking of theme parties? Hawaiian Night? Shanghai Night? Ali Baba Night? Beach parties?

New Kim will evoke in you a host of imaginary characters no less magical than those found in the fantasy story of Alice in Wonderland.

This unusual shop is packed with such a variety of theme clothes and accessories for different occasions so much so that you can hardly make them out without giving them a second look.

However, if you spend a few minutes browsing, or if you ask Alice for assistance, you will see the fantastical, the whimsical and the magical beginning to appear in front of your eyes!

You will find apparel and accessories from cultures all over the world.. Hawaiian lei, Middle-Eastern vests, cheongsams, kabayas, caftans, yoga pants, batik shirts & dresses, traditional Chinese apparel for kids and many more..

New Kim operated for 27 years – between 1971 and 1998 – as a dressmaking shop. After Alice took over from her mother in 1998, she began to introduce ready-made wear for entertaining, outdoor and partying occasions.

Hawaiian lei

Since then, her range of merchandise began to grow and grow.. and grow.. Her neighbours often wonder when Alice is going to stop adding new merchandise. But it seems that Alice always has space for more articles.

If you have the imagination, Alice can make that a reality for you!


– Beach clothes
– Casual wear
– Home wear
– Exercise wear
– Casual dinner wear

New Kim Dressmaker
211 Holland Avenue
Holland Road Shopping Centre
Singapore 278967
Tel: 6467 2056


Opening Hours

10am to 7pm (Mon to Sat)
12nn to 6pm (Sun)

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