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Nancy Ho Academy

Reaching for the stars with Nancy

Nancy Ho, liberating people from their fears

Nancy Ho’s (of Nancy Ho Academy) mission is to liberate people from their fears, which limit their potential to become successful in business, relationship, work, family and health.

She looks in every way a modern day self-help “guru” (even though she has never claimed herself to be one) – confident, assertive, well-groomed, charismatic, never out of words, and is equipped with a range of self-help techniques and healing solutions – very much the vision whom she teaches others to become.

Manifesting what she preaches

Nancy, who holds qualifications in a number of disciplines, including business, psychology and counseling, and who is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist, offered, “I have a hypnotherapy practice here. The lady who just walked out of this room is my client. We also teach people to become hypnotherapists in my academy. We have courses and we occupy both floors here at the Workloft.”

Nancy was drawn to the field of well-being more than 20-years ago. Although her work has evolved over the years, her specialty has been in the provision of “solutions” which are connected to mind, body and spirit – a holistic or “total” approach to well-being.

She started as a corporate trainer by teaching her clients, who were mostly professionals, soft skills for job efficiency and work productivity. Later, she became interested in hypnotherapy when she saw its greater effectiveness in releasing the vast potential of the human mind when compared to other methods. So, when she started her own hypnotherapy practice, she integrated the method into her counselling.

Nancy says, “In my years of interacting with people, I became aware that people are limited in their progress because of their inner fears. In using hypnotherapy, we can get to the root of deep-seated issues and free people from their fears. I have applied this method in my work for more than 12 years. We can un-condition and re-condition the sub consciousness. And for the person to move forward, we teach him mind skills and focusing techniques. My clients get immediate results after each session.”

Helping others reach for the stars

Nancy trains and practises a number of healing modalities including the widely acclaimed The Quantum-Touch® healing technique, which uses Chi energy for physical healing. In the Awakening Your Spiritual Self programme, participants are taught how to make a connection with their true selves and to liberate themselves from fear and anxiety. Nancy also conducts the Hypnotherapist Certification Course, The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Workshop and The Silva Method Programme.

This energetic lady, who works seven days a week, says, “Our method goes beyond the superficial because the mind has the infinite capacity to heal its body. If you can change the way you think, you can remove a lot of burdens from yourself. You can say that there is a spiritual element in my work, because ultimately, our connection to our Divine selves and to the Universe, which is the source of healing, cannot be denied. But we are not aligned with any faith – except the faith in ourselves and in the source of our being.”

Nancy has helped transformed the lives of entrepreneurs, airline pilots, teachers, lawyers, housewives, traders, financial industry executives and many others from all walks of life to reach for the stars.

And she knows what she is talking about. After all, she is one herself!

Nancy Ho Academy
43 Jalan Merah Saga
#02-72 Singapore 278115
(Opp Holland Village Cold Storage, behind former PosBank)
Tel: 6272 7118
Fax: 6476 6768
Web site:

Opening Hours
9am to 8pm (Mon to Sat)
By Appointment (Sun & PHs)

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