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Lilli And Friends

Sharing her toys with all 

No horsing around for Maren

Capt’n Sharky, Felix the Travelling Rabbit, etc


Maren Mangold, a German national, is no stranger to Singapore.

She followed her husband to this little red dot in 2004 when his job required him to be stationed here.

Maren, who already had a child before coming to Singapore, had two more little ones during her stay here. Her second daughter is named Lilli, which is the name she gave her shop, “Lilli And Friends”. She proudly hangs three large frames with pictures of her three daughters on the wall. Lilli is the adorable one on the far left.

Of her interest in the toy business, she says, “I was looking for toys for my children – especially characters I have grown up with in Europe like Princess Lillifee but I could not find any. So, I decided to import them. Of course, I had this idea, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to share the unique stories behind these characters with other kids too?’ That was how I got started. And you know, with Princess Lillifee came a host of other characters, which are associated with the Princess.”

Maren began by running her small enterprise in 2008. With pressing family duties, she decided to operate from home so as to stay close to her children. But she wanted other children to experience the magic and fantasy of these characters which were famous in Europe but not widely known in the region. So, she started participating in fairs. Eventually in Feb 2010, she took the plunge and opened her Holland V shop.

Princess Lillifee

Princess Lillifee is a fairy. She looks after all her animal friends in the woods around her Castle of Flowers. Among her friends is the fantastic and beautiful Unicorn Rosalie, and the intelligent Dolphin Crissy. Princess Lillifee loves to make friends and have adventures with them. This year, her good friends Clara the Mouse and Pugsy the Pig help her make a beautiful pink dress for her first fairy ball. Her next story is about her wonderful adventures with her dolphin friend Crissy at the South Seas.

Maren is very proud of her merchandise, “All my products are made by Die Spiegelburg, Germany – one of the top European brands in toys and we are the exclusive distributor. The products you find in my shop are very popular in Europe. For example, Princess Lillifee is like the “Hello Kitty” of Germany. 90% of German girls aspire to own Princess Lillifee. And Capt’n Sharky is also very popular with German boys. We also carry Felix the Travelling Rabbit, Rabella and Horse Friends. You can hardly find any merchandise on horses in Singapore, so quite a number of parents come here for horses too. The merchandise I carry are for the age group between infant and 14-year old, so if parents are looking for quality toys and merchandise, this is the place.We have a whole range of merchandise: soft toys, figures, hats, t-shirts, bags, books, invitation cards, stickers, note pads and many other items.”

Lilli And Friends

211 Holland Avenue
Holland Road Shopping Centre
Singapore 278967
Tel: 6762 5501
Web site:

Opening Hours
10.30am to 6pm (Mon to Sat)
Closed (Sun & PH)

 Note: Lilli And Friends ceased operation at the above address on May 2012. 

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