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Interpax Shoes Enterprises

Custom-made shoes & shoe-guide

Rosie, the shoe lady of Holland V.

Rosie, the shoe lady of Holland V, and her newly (2013) renovated shoe shop.

Rose Yeong provides a service that you can hardly find these days – custom-made shoes.

Rosie, as her regular customers affectionately call her, found herself in a business which she had no clue about when she arrived in Singapore from North Malaysia 30 years’ ago. Shortly after her marriage, her husband wanted her to start a business, but since she didn’t know what business to go into, her husband decided that it should be a shoe shop. The shop’s name, “Interpax”, was also decided for her. Rose was happy to go along with it, and since that day, she became glued to it.

Peranakan shoes are testimonies to Interpax’s fine craftsmanship

Shoes designed by Rosie for a bride










Eager to master her trade, Rosie studied shoe designing and began learning from suppliers the different types of shoe materials and their quality. She also learnt that different customers have different needs – some of them requiring customization to satisfy those needs. Soon, Rose was manufacturing quality shoes with designs that meet the specific requirements of her clients.

Her shoe designing and manufacturing skills are evident not only in her custom-made shoes  but also in the range of Peranakan shoes she designs and created (also see below*).

As a result of her experience, in-depth knowledge of shoes and how they fit different feet, Rosie began to develop the rare expertise of a Shoe Guide. She is able to guide her most demanding customer from any part of the world to the best fitting pair of shoes for the utmost comfort.

Authentic leather sandals from Interpax

Interpax caters to mostly lady customers, including those with specific requirements as a result of orthopedic issues, unusual sizes or those who want to duplicate shoes which are a part of a formal or working assemble.

Rosie works with only genuine sheep and calf leather. All her custom-made shoes are hand-crafted by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen who take pride in producing quality goods rather than quantity and whose quality of work rivals many internationally established brands (you can ask Rosie for quality sample to look at). Yet, like the honest shoe-maker in the famous fable, Rosie is able to maintain reasonable prices for many of her shoes despite escalating costs of goods globally. A pair of custom-made shoes costs between S$130 and S$200+. This is unmatchable price for its quality and the service provided.

Over the years, and after listening and helping thousands of customers with special shoe needs, and having sold more than a 100,000 pair of shoes (Rosie is modest about giving too high a figure here but we suspect she has sold more!), you can bet that Rosie gives out advice on shoe-fitting like no other shoe-seller.

No wonder she is called the Shoe Lady of Holland V.

Rosie also has these reasonably priced merchandises on display:

  • Ready-made leather shoes
  • Hand-made Peranakan beaded shoes
  • Fit Flops
  • Abacus Spanish leather sandals
  • American Girl Doll Dresses

Give her a call (see contact number below) and tell her what you are looking for before heading down to her shop.

Excellent leather shoes at reasonable prices

*(Foreigners may not be familiar with the Peranakan culture but these shoes require meticulous workmanship beyond that of shoe-making. They require sewing and jewellery crafting expertise. These shoes are a hallmark of the rich merchants  of Malacca and are used for traditional weddings and important events.  Some of these shoes are inlaid with precious jewels. And because their value are no lesser than that of  expensive necklaces or rings, they are often required as part of the a wedding dowry.)

Interpax Shoes Enterprises
211 Holland Avenue
Holland Road Shopping Centre
Singapore 278967
Tel:6468 1558

Operating Hours: 
10am to 7pm (Mon to Sat)
11am to 5pm (Sun)
 For special deals and answers to any questions, please post them at our Holland-Village-Singapore Facebook Page
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