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Holland Village Wine Review

Dear Friends of Holland Village Singapore,

wine_review_main_pic_quoteWe are putting up this section and a Facebook Page, Holland Village Wine Review, to share our 20 years of wine drinking experience with anyone who might be interested.

Our reviews would probably be of interest to those who drink wine for these reasons: weekly self-consumption, home parties and little family celebrations now and then. We review wines that are retailing below SGD $50 and our preferences are for French (mainly Bordeaux) and Italian (various) wines.

To see our reviews, go directly to Holland Village Wine Review

We may review Chilean, Californian, African, New Zealand and other “New World” wines selectively. The reasons we review mostly french wines are (i) we love their conflicting qualities of lightness and complexities (ii) assurance of quality (Appellation De Controle) and (iii) we are allergic to strong preservatives so we can be assured that the wines we drink are not concoctions that are destined for non-wine drinkers elsewhere.

We are not Michelin reviewers and we probably won’t be able to tell you the year and the specific regions blind-folded (not a skill we want to acquire for below $50 wines, do we?) but we can certainly give you some tips on (i) being happy drinking your wine (ii) how to identify cheap and dangerous wines and (iii) appearing somewhat knowledgeable and well-informed about what you drink.

This is how we score our review:


1 = Avoid – warning!! .. artificially formulated, heavy preservatives, causes aggression, severe allergic reactions, bad hangover – suitable as plague in sewerage pipes. Also, do not be deceived just because it has a “Chateau” label and the “Appellation De Controle” stamp (yes, we said otherwise above but this is the best endorsement there is, so we will have to be really intuitive).

2 = Below average – these refer mostly to those (perhaps the majority) which are shipped here in monster size plastic bags and then bottled locally. Do not drink more than one glass because these are wine destined for indiscriminate drinkers. If we review anyone of them here it means that someone is trying to pass them off as wines costing above $20!

3 = Average – drinkable with group of friends. Our recommendations?  Go for those between $28 and $35 (non-promotion price). They are worth the price because these have higher percentage of alcoholic content. They will get everyone into a cheery mood quickly – which can make or break your party. But of course, it is not just the alcohol, is it?

4 = Good – for self and family consumption. The proof is in how you feel after your third glass. It’s not just the alcohol but the integrity and authenticity of the substances flowing in your blood. This is an emotional affair. You go to bed happy and you wake up refreshed.

5 = Excellent – for self-indulgence now and then. To come to this level of appreciation, your palate should have gone around quite a fair bit and from herewith be able to appreciate expensive wines.

How we drink our wine for review

mossie wine snobs

mossie wine snobs

Also, we do not review a wine based on a few sips (commonly referred to as “wine tasting”).  It is not just about how well the wine goes on the palate but also, as mentioned above, how good one feels after consuming it (and I am not talking about the common uninhibited effects of being intoxicated, but that a good wine has the ability to make one feels gay and happy (yes, you can buy wine and happiness!). To investigate if such a quality exists, our reviewer must consumed at least half or 2/3 of the bottle before he makes a review.

One final note – we will be reviewing wines we purchased from all over Singapore. While we would like to be loyal to wine sellers in Holland V, we would also like to provide feedback to them as to what the market is attracted to. So, I hope that our Facebook’s Holland Village Wine Review Page will prove to be useful both ways.

And yes, we do take a break once in a while to allow our kidneys time off, so do not be surprised that the review suddenly stops now and then.

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