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Doing what comes naturally

Ivy Ng, colours fill her world

“I think of nothing but colours. Wherever I go, I am attracted by the colours which surround me. My life is filled with nothing but colours. I am excited about colours since a very young age.” explains Ivy, as she answers my question as to what motivated her to take up a career in beauty.

One of many international fashion shows in which Ivy demonstrated her skills in fashion and makeup

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“People may see me as a beautician or makeup artist but actually I’d rather be referred to as an image consultant. No doubt, a facial makeup has a lot to do with colours and art but what about your assemble? They are all part of your personality, aren’t they? So, you can’t really separate the two. This is why fashion and beauty always go together. And this is what I do best.”

In fact, Ivy’s interest in colours and designs saw her studying fashion design in her early years and carving out a successful career out of it. Then in 2004, she decided to learn about beauty too and became a certified makeup artist. After graduation, she wanted flexibility to experiment, so she decided to work on her own rather than to be attached to a salon or brand.

The exclusive Jane Iredale and Environ range

Her eye for colours and hues soon caught the attention of the industry and during this period, she was invited to participate in numerous fashion, beauty and hair shows as their image consultant. The fashion and beauty industry quickly affirmed her outstanding skills in makeup and her knowledge of fashion when she was chosen as the image consultant to Miss Singapore for the Miss Universe pageant in 2005.

Subsequently in 2008, just 4 years after entering the beauty domain, Ivy was chosen by the top, internationally reputed brand, Jane Iredale, as their Chief makeup trainer and educator.

Commenting on her salon in Holland Village, which opened in February 2012, she says, “It was a natural step for me after so many years in the fashion and beauty industry. I wanted to work with a solid brand. The time was right because I had found an extremely good product which I wanted so badly to represent. Also, by this time, I already had three children and I wanted to do something that is less stressful. You know what these shows can be like! My husband encouraged me and this is how it all started.”

Of the brands of cosmetics she represents, she says,“The best cosmetic won’t be of much use if you do not have healthy skin, so mine is a holistic approach to beauty. This is how I select my products. I’d say that Jane Iredale is the “Rolls Royce” of cosmetic brands. This is not your regular “branded” cosmetics. This is cosmetics with skin care benefits. It nourishes. It is 100% natural, so it is safe for use by those who have allergies and who are recuperating from medical treatment or surgeries (it is recommended by the medical profession for patients whose situations require them to put on cosmetics). I have worked with the range of Jane Iredale products for a few years before I decided to become their representative. After that, I spent another 4 years (since 2008) as their trainer and I know it is the best around.  It is ideal for everyone who is concerned about maintaining youthfulness beyond the cosmetics. And this is the future of cosmetics. I also work with another brand called, Environ, which is another high quality and natural skin care range. It complements the Jane Iredale range. We are 100% confident that our products live up to their claims. Those who come to my salon will not be disappointed.”

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