New And Better Coffee Bean on Lorong Mambong

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Has anyone seen the newly renovated Coffee Bean on Lorong Mambong?

My partner is a frequent customer and she was pretty upset when it was closed for the past few weeks for renovation. But last Friday and today (Wednesday), we went over for breakfast and all the regulars are back in full force. This article records both our impressions.

The new look is not too bad as it still retains much of its previous cosiness and warmth. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air after years of uneasiness over the sofa’s crusty handrest and its dusty past (did you notice the shelves?).  But for the seniors, don’t expect any grab bars as yet.

New interior but cosy nevertheless

The outlet’s layout is still pretty much the same with the locations of the serving, kitchen and guest’s areas unchanged. But we got the impression that they had a larger kitchen carved out of some extra wall. Also, the highly popular sofa area next to the toilet has been enlarged to accommodate two more sets of 4-seater sofas. That’s nice.

The tables and chairs are much better now with more erected backrests. They have done away with the aluminium seats, which had backrests that would have sent many a contortionist to the physiotherapist.

Chairs from “Midas”

Similarly, the chairs on the front porch are better for longer sitting and lounging but exactly how long such sitting and lounging can last is not known because of the chairs’ very thin cast iron frames. I wonder how these frames could withstand the weight of heavier customers after a season in the sun and rain. Ironically, when we looked under the seats, the label says, “Midas”. Let’s hope they turn into gold instead of rust!

And just another meaningless observation – the flower beds are also made from cast iron (I mean the troughs, not the plants, which are authentic). But we did notice a plant with large plastic leaves beside the glass door at the entrance just next to the smoking section. Hmm.. it makes sense.

Now.. the substance..

Benedictine monks would not mind this version

The menu has been “improved” (I hate the term, “upgrade”. Let’s reserved that term for nationally important discussions, shall we?) or more correctly, “enlarged and improved”. My partner ordered Eggs Benedict last Friday. It was larger than the previous version, and the ingredients, especially the cheese, seems to taste better. Whether it was because of improved preparation skills or better quality ingredients, it was hard to tell. There were three slices of ham and two eggs. This breakfast meal was too large for my partner and so I took the other half. From how the eggs tasted, we concluded it was still prepared in a microwave oven even though we thought the larger kitchen would make a difference (perhaps there was a stove now?).

Then, this Wednesday morning, my partner ordered her favourite pancake. Again, the portion had been enlarged and it looked more like an 8-inch pizza with a 1 inch (more like 1.5 inch) crust. She couldn’t stuff all that gluten down and ate only half (I am allergic to gluten, so I didn’t touch any this time). But it appeared that the syrup which popped up with it was of better quality. I think it was Maple syrup now instead of honey.

A smaller portion would be more enticing

The revised menu has most of the old items, which were given new and larger presentations. Prices accompany the increase in scale too.

In conclusion, Coffee Bean will remain our favourite breakfast place in Holland V despite these minor inconsistencies.

After all, who’s perfect?

“The new entrance would look nice during Christmas with holly and wreath!” my partner said, so we look forward to that.

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