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CHANGE Undergarment

Fit for a queen 

Mette, distributor for the CHANGE brand in Asia

Mette Holte Jensen came to Singapore from Denmark with her husband 6 years ago and ended up fulfilling her dream of owning her own business – right here in Holland Village.

A happy Mette

“My husband said I could find everything here in Singapore but when I arrived, I couldn’t find my favourite brand of undergarment. So, my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and I became an agent for a very good product from Scandinavia. I was selling through fairs and various direct marketing channels. And 3 years’ ago, in 2008, I opened my shop, CHANGE undergarment in Holland Village.”, Mette, who has been marketing the CHANGE range of lingerie and swimwear a year after she arrived, recalled.

Mette spent the earlier part of her working life in the trading and shipping industry as well as in the timber-related industry, and had always dream of running her own business since a very young age. She is very happy to be able to provide a product and service, which she feels is essential for a market which is not catered for in Singapore.

Good range and good value

Mette’s store, called CHANGE undergarment, is the name of the largest and most popular undergarment brand in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland). This lady was able to persuade the CHANGE undergarment manufacturer to award her distributorship not only for the Singapore market but also for the Asian region!

She proudly says of the product, “This is a proven brand, a very good product. It is durable, offers a good range of colours and sizes, and it fits well. We get new stocks every 4 to 6 weeks. It is also reasonably priced compared to what you get out there. A basic bra costs $60 to $70. Our most expensive ones do not go beyond $110. I am the sole distributor for this region and this is the only shop in Singapore, and in the region, where you can find the CHANGE undergarment brand.”

Swimsuits that are based on cup sizes provide a better fit

On how a good fit is connected to good health, Mette says, “Do you know that most brands of bra here are not sold on cup sizes but back sizes? This can give rise to back problems for heavier women. Also, swimsuits are sold based on small, medium and large sizes. This leaves comfort at the back door. Many women don’t realize that the wrong bra size can give rise to health problems in the long run. Local women are also getting bigger these days and they need to know this. It is the cup size that matters otherwise you won’t be able to get a comfortable fit.”

Mette, whose mission is to bring this message to all women, is not talking only about Westerners but Asians as well. “We have very large sizes such as K cup, which you can’t find elsewhere. And we also have small sizes such as 65B. Our aim is to give our customers a superior fit with a quality brand. So in my Holland V shop, we carry what this market needs.”

CHANGE – catering to market needs with a wide range of sizes

This friendly and sociable lady provides excellent customer service, “My customers are mostly regulars. They know they are getting value for money and good service from me. I fit them according to what they really need. If you come here with a measurement taken elsewhere, do not be surprised that it may not be an ideal fit. I will change that for you because I look at cup size and back size to give you an exact and comfortable fit. You don’t get this elsewhere.”

And cup sizes too

No wonder Mette is busy exchanging festive wishes with her satisfied clients, “You see, today they come in just to say hello and wish me Merry Christmas! That’s because I fit them like a queen. They feel good. They have changed to something better.”

Indeed, CHANGE is for the better!

CHANGE of Scandinavia
211 Holland Avenue
#03-23 Holland Road Shopping Centre
Singapore 278967
Tel: (65) 9321 1344
Manufacturer’s web site:

Opening Hours
10.30am to 6.30pm (Mon to Fri)
11am to 6pm (Sat)

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